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Real-time Traffic Light Control

Intelligent Traffic-control

IT-c develops a software that is integrated into the traffic signal controllers. We change the operation of traffic lights from a time-based system to a completely traffic dependent one

What is IT-c?

Product Info

The IT-c software is a decision making algorithm, that can calculate the optimal changing frequency of the traffic lights allowing them to operate fully  based on live traffic conditions. Without any fixed green-red cycle length, the software is designed to ease heavy traffic intersections regardless of complexity.

The IT-c system requires live traffic data at intersections to enable the real time operation. This can happen through camera-detection, inductive loops, radars or other technologies. The continuously incoming data is processed instantly, and the system commands the traffic lights to satisfy live needs.

IT-c Founders

About Us

IT-c stands for Intelligent Traffic-control. We believe, that every smart city innovation needs an adequate infrastructure to flourish, and we want to lay down the foundations for the future of smart mobility, by optimizing traffic lights operations.


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