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Real-time Traffic Light Control


Do you provide a software only solution?

IT-c's innovation is the controlling program, that allows flexible real-time traffic light changes however, we provide an industrial PC (if needed) where the software can run at the intersection.

Do you cover traffic monitoring at the intersection too?

No, IT-c only uses live data, that can be received from various devices (camera detection, inductive loops, radars etc.). The key is to provide IT-c the data real-time. In case the live data collection is not possible with current settings, IT-c has a traffic monitoring partner who can supply data.

How does IT-c differ from current solutions?

The IT-c software is designed to meet current traffic conditions. The software has no pre-written time-periods for the green-red cycle lenghts, but operates dinamically using live traffic data, and creates flexible on-demand settings.

How does the implementation of IT-c at a city take place?

The implementation process consists of 4 steps. Initial screening of the environment (quote), sample data collection at intersection(s) in question, fine-tuning of IT-c controlling software to meet specific demands at intersection(s), installation.