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Real-time Traffic Light Control


  • Do you have the product ready?
    We finished out first pilot project in September 2022, with the successful installation of the software at an intersection, and compatibility development with the monitoring company. We are currently looking for new partners to pilot with covering multiple intersections.
  • How does IT-c differ from current solutions?
    The IT-c software is designed to meet current traffic conditions. The software has no pre-written time-periods for the green-red cycle lenghts, but operates dinamically using live traffic data, and creates flexible on-demand settings.
  • How does the implementation of IT-c at a city take place?
    The implementation process consists of 4 steps. Initial screening of the environment (quote), sample data collection at intersection(s) in question, fine-tuning of IT-c controlling software to meet specific demands at intersection(s), installation.
  • Do you provide a software only solution?
    IT-c's innovation is the controlling program, that allows flexible real-time traffic light changes however, we provide an industrial PC (if needed) where the software can run at the intersection.
  • Do you cover traffic monitoring at the intersection too?
    Currenlty IT-c provides the decision making software, and the monitoring of the vehicles is not covered. We noticed that the infrastructures where the system would be installed are vastly differring, hence, we created a system instead that is able to operate flexible in different environments with the currently operating monitoring technologies (radar, camera, inductive loops etc.)
  • Can you work together with current traffic light hardwares?
    Yes, we have designed the software to be able to work together with the current infrastructure at intersections. Through our pilot project we developed full compatibility with Dynniq, one of the largest providers of such systems.
  • Are you safe?
    IT-c ensured that all safety requirements are met before installation. Additionally, all hardwares at the intersections are calibrated such, so no unsafe situations can happen. In case of a potential fault in the IT-c software the current time-periodic system can be swiched back on as long as the bug is not corrected, further ensuring the safe operation of the traffic lights.
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