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Our story

We are IT-c (Intelligent Traffic-control), a Hungarian start-up aiming to change the behavior of traffic lights from the current time-based system to a new, live traffic-based solution. The idea behind IT-c emerged at the beginning of 2018. We were two high school students then, with the goal of making traffic fluent and easing the oppression of the sideroads. Currently we are studying at universities, but our mission stayed the same.

Our school was in the heart of Budapest, so we experienced the negative effects of crammed traffic every day. We noticed how much time is wasted while sitting in the traffic jam, and how much we are loading the environment by not being able to commute fluently. The increasing urbanisation and the new smart mobility technologies (self-driving cars) suggest that the demand for better traffic systems is getting higher, because current traffic lights changing solutions can’t be the basis of these changes.

IT-c system creates live traffic controlling, that makes decision on live conditions based on vehicle counting. It is fully automated which means that only maintenance is required to keep the system working, and we link together the junctions, which create a network of intersections in the city. Our software solution is compatible with the current hardware equipment, which means that we can work together with the present conditions.

We offer our live traffic controlling software to cities and traffic companies. The system we provide will be profitable for our customers and end users as well. By making commute faster we increase the cities’ business tax income and reduce their operational costs, and for the vehicle users we free up that time they would be spending sitting in congestions, which will translate into a lower stress level and greater productivity. Not mentioning the climate friendly, sustainable city environment our system creates, that will attract more people and businesses.

When looking at the market a general trend can be observed. Current smart traffic lights changing solutions are monitoring vehicles as well, but their systems are all based on pre-programmed time periods, which limits flexibility and cannot satisfy the concept of live traffic controlling. The problem is that major players have been on the market for a long time, and they are constantly upgrading the old software versions, thereby creating a “patchwork” system, that is not able to effectively face todays traffic conditions. Our solution is completely independent from those initial settings, that allows us to create a system that is specifically designed for solving the traffic problems of today.

IT-c aims to accelerate the transition between today’s non-automated traffic and the future’s smart mobility by creating a stabile basis on which all the innovations in mobility can perfectly fit.

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