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Real-time Traffic Light Control


IT-c develops a software that is integrated into the traffic signal controllers. We change the operation of traffic lights from a time-based system to a completely traffic dependent one

The IT-c system will be installed at the intersection of the traffic light controlling. This is a controlling program, that will be either put into the currently used hardware for the operation, or to an industrial PC that will be placed into the traffic light control box. The system then requires live traffic data about the vehicles on the road. This can either be given by the municipality that is responsible for the intersection(s) in question or if they do not collect data about the vehicles (or it is not sufficient), IT-c can recommend a partner company, who can either place sensors or use the existing infrastructure to gather the vehicle data in real time.

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Then the live traffic data is channelled into the IT-c software that optimizes the traffic light changes. How is it different from other smart/dynamic solutions? There are no "settings" pre-written. Based on what is happening on the road, the software changes the lights on the fly, without any limitation (except for those regarding safety and laws), thus achieving "ultimate flexibility". What IT-c learned about other systems is that they have some baseline settings and then based on what is happening on the road, they stretch these pre-written time-periods. IT-c's flexible software solution can adapt to the driving style of individuals, and still optimize for the whole mass of the transit.

The IT-c system plugs into the existing infrastructure (traffic light controlling unit at the intersection) and requires no or minimum hardware changes. Once the data is run through our proprietary algorithm, it gives commands to the light controlling unit and that is how the lights are operated.

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