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Real-time Traffic Light Control


Below you can explore our journey

Pilot Project in the United Kingdom (2021-22)

In collaboration with Fotech, a smart sensor company, IT-c started their first pilot testing in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. The pilot was successful, the system was operational at the testing environment and full compatibility was achieved with the sensors.

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Programme (2020)

The IT-c team have gained admission to the 6 month long Accelerator programme, where besides the business coaching and mentoring, a €15 000 equity-free grant was offered for technical and business development purposes.

Kickstart London Accelerator Programme (2020)

Kickstart Global is a hub for entrepreneurial students, and offers accelerator programs for startups. In the 3 month long course, IT-c have established useful connections, and introduced the company to the English market.

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona (2019)

Thanks to the Climate KIC Accelerator Program IT-c exhibited at this smart city conference in Barcelona introducing the company to the European market and established crucial partnerships with traffic monitoring companies.

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